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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about the event


What can I expect from the 2018 YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth?

For starters, an inspiring experience with other motivated students and young professionals from across the globe and a thorough overview of eHealth and Social Entrepreneurship! Moreover, presentations and workshops will be held by speakers who are experts in their line of work; you will also get the chance to personally meet and work with them. You will have the opportunity to get in touch with young professionals involved in different global health agencies. In addition, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation in the Challenge.


Most importantly, you are provided with the opportunity to realise your ambitions. The aim of the Challenge is not simply to be a networking event. We aim to provide all participants with the means and resources to further develop their ideas together with peers and make them into a reality. Please note that we are not providing a platform for already existing project ideas, but for the development of a new idea through discussions with your assigned team and mentor. 


Why is Young Leaders for Health organising a Social Entrepreneurship Challenge?

Until we started organising the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, YLH’s focus was on advocacy, diplomacy training and content work on various topics. Some of these included disaster and risk management, antimicrobial resistance, the Agenda 2030 SDGs and leadership.


But we also started to see that, often at gatherings of experts, bright young people and their questions are paid insufficient attention. We at YLH are driven to provide students and young professionals with a platform. YLH is aware that most young people do not yet have the legitimacy to call themselves experts. However, we believe that there is no dearth of creativity, skill and knowledge among this subset. The amalgamation of all these thoughts led to the birth of the concept of the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge.


Together, we want to find sustainable solutions to issues that you, our participants, notice in your communities, and which can perhaps be translated onto a global scale.


At YLH, we believe that in a fun and creative setting, with other open-minded, interdisciplinary team players, students and young professionals have the ability to think beyond the current paradigms.


Why has Young Leaders for Health chosen the topic Non-Communicable Diseases in Urban Populations for this year’s Social Entrepreneurship Challenge?

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) constitute a major global public health burden plaguing societies, irrespective of borders. The morbidity and mortality resulting from NCDs affect, to a great extent, urban citizens belonging to lower socioeconomic groups. There is an immediate need to use novel approaches to deal with this burden more efficiently and we seek creative and sustainable eHealth solutions in this quest. Please find more information here.


What will the schedule of the event look like?

Please find the program of the event here.


Assignment to teams and teamwork:


How will participants be assigned to the different teams?

On the basis of your application, the Challenge’s organising committee will put together the teams. We will look for common areas of interest with regard to the Challenge’s topic as well as ensure interdisciplinary and an international mix within the team. We believe that these are the prerequisites needed in order to successfully realize your project idea.


Will I be working on my own project idea?

The Challenge is a team effort and each of the team members will arrive at the event with different project ideas. The aim of the Challenge is to bring together people from different disciplines and with similar fields of interest who will, by applying everyone’s expertise, together develop and afterwards realize a project idea. Everyone should be contributing to the group discussions and as this endeavour is a team effort, there is no guarantee that your team will decide to work on your project idea the same way you were imagining it. The event’s aim is not to provide funding for projects that have already been well-developed, but to provide participants with a platform for the development of a new idea through discussions with your assigned team and mentor.


Can I apply with my team?

Applications are individual. Once the application phase is over, the Challenge’s organising committee will put together teams on the basis of your applications. Participants will be assigned to teams so that each of the teams will have the necessary knowledge and skills to realize their project idea (for more information see questions: How will participants be assigned to the different teams). As a result, we cannot guarantee that existing teams will be put in the same team during the Challenge.


Requirements for your application:


Do I have to have studied medicine or have medical knowledge in order to participate in the challenge?

YLH is comprised of an interdisciplinary team and we seek expertise from different fields. We believe that public health is an interdisciplinary field that requires stakeholders from all disciplines to come and work together. Therefore, we welcome individuals with all majors in various areas (Arts, Architecture, Business, Design, Economics, Engineering, Information Technology, Natural and Biological Sciences, Law, Medicine and Applied Medicine, Political and Social Sciences, etc.) to apply and take part in the Challenge. Medical knowledge is not a requirement. 


Nonetheless, it will be useful to read through the material provided in order to be able to actively participate in discussions. This will help you to come up with sustainable solutions, together with your team members, during the Challenge.

However, being interested in health in urban areas and ICT (information and communication technologies) is the more important aspect, along with your capacity for teamwork and interest in getting a project off the ground with an interdisciplinary and international team of peers.


I was a participant in last year’s Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. Can I participate again?

Many aspects of this year’s Challenge are different from last year’s event, such as the thematic focus and duration. Therefore, no restrictions exist for participants of last year’s Challenge and everyone is welcome to apply - regardless of whether you applied for last year’s event or participated in it. 


Am I “young enough”/”too old” to apply?

We do not set any age restrictions but believe that, as long as you consider yourself as a student or young professional, you can apply to be part of the Challenge.


How and when can I apply?

The application phase will commence in early April. Application will be possible through a form provided here.




How much is the participation fee? Is there an application fee?  

Each prospective participant is required to pay a participation fee of 100€. This amount covers the cost of food and drinks over the four-day Challenge, as well as a ticket for Berlin's public transport system and entry to the social event. Moreover, each team will receive materials such as flipcharts, stickers, pens etc. needed for the teamwork.


We are not making any profit out of organising the Challenge and the money collected from the participation fee will be used for purposes during the 2018 Challenge.


Application is for free.


What is included in the participation fee?

The participation fee of 100€ will include food and drinks throughout the event as well as a printed Content Guide providing additional information about the topic of the event. Moreover, each team will receive materials such as flipcharts, stickers, pens etc. needed for the teamwork.

What if I will not be able to attend ? Will I be refunded?

You will get a 50% refund if you cancel by July 11th 2018. If you cancel on July 11th 2018 or after, you will not receive any refund.


Are travel arrangements and accommodation included in the participation fee?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide financial support for accommodation in Berlin. We will, however, provide you with advice on how to find good and affordable accommodation. We are working on getting sufficient funding in order to provide financial support for accommodation to and in Berlin; seeing that we have not acquired said funding to date, we cannot guarantee anything in this regard. If such funding will be available, participants will be notified about the process to apply for these grants.

Organizing your trip:


Where will the 2018 Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth take place?

The Challenge will take place from 26 to 29 July 2018 at the CIEE Global Institute (Gneisenaustraße 27, 10961 Berlin, Germany).

The Council of International Educational Exchange is an independent, US-based non-profit organization and one of this year’s partners of the YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth.


I need a visa to travel. Will the YLH assist me in any way?

The Challenge’s organizing committee will provide you with the documentation needed in order to apply for a visa. A field to indicate whether you need a visa or not will be provided in the application form. Nevertheless, we cannot pay any of the fees for our participants.


Will there be vegetarian food?

Yes, we will provide all participants with food and drinks throughout the challenge. The costs will be covered by your participation fee. We take all culinary preferences into account while organising the Challenge.

Do you have any comments/questions you’d like to share with/ask us?

Feel free to send an email to

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