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Components of the Conference
Design Thinking Lab

About the Lab

The Design Thinking Lab will give you the chance to ideate new global health solutions. Being presented with a real-world challenge you will be grouped with three other participants and conduct rapid innovation.

At the Young Leaders for Health Conference participants will get the chance to learn this solution finding method and directly apply it to a real-world global health challenge. Moderators and trainers will guide you through the process, but you must make the innovations.



What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a methodology that has proven very successful in generating social and business solutions alike. Its two main features are:
1. Human-centred design
2. Rapid Innovation


Human-centred design is rooted in the belief, that all problems are solvable if the people who face those problems every day serve as the key to finding the answer. This means that designers have to look at the challenge from these peoples’ point of you view and design for these people instead of holding abstract notions.

Design Thinking is a rapid innovation method because it forces designers to rapidly move through the design phases, prototype their ideas, ‘test’ them and re-innovate and if necessary iterate instead of remaining for a long time in each design phase.

Please watch this video for more information on Design Thinking in Healthcare, by clicking here.

Preparing for the Design Thinking Lab

It will be useful to familiarise yourself with the process in advance of the conference but Design Thinking is something that must be learned hands-on and accordingly, there is not much preparation needed.


The exact challenge is still being developed by the OC and specifications will follow soon.


Participation in the Design Thinking Lab


Participation in the Design Thinking Lab is limited. You can choose either the Design Thinking Lab or the Systems Thinking Lab, but you cannot do both. You may indicate your preference within the application. Rapid innovation demands some time but participants in the Lab will still be able to attend the keynote lectures, workshops and the WHA simulation.