Young Leaders for Health e.V.
non-profit organisation | gemeinnütziger Verein | Berlin, Germany
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YLH provides a unique platform for:

Interdisciplinary Network

Global Health Education

Global Health Advocacy

Young Leaders for Health is a registered nonprofit consisting of an international team of students and young professionals from various academic backgrounds wishing to nurture the next generation of leaders in public and global health.

We offer an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of knowledge and the opportunity to network with people from around the world who are motivated to bring about positive changes in public and global health.


Our past projects have included innovative Social Entrepreneurship Challenges on eHealth, unique conferences focused on the Agenda 2030's Sustainable Development Goals as well as Disaster and Risk Management, multiple World Health Assembly Simulations accompanied by comprehensive workshop and design thinking programmes, presenting at the first WHO Symposium on the Digitalisation of Health Systems in the European Region as well as presenting at the 7th World Health Summit in Berlin.

We are currently in the midst of planning some exciting projects, but openly welcome new ideas and active members. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this international, interdisciplinary team.

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