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Aymen Meddeb

Dr. Maike Henningsen 
Founder p4medical & Medical Doctor

Maike Henningsen (MD, PhD) is a medical doctor with over a decade of practical experience in the field. Maike specialised in gynecology and obstetrics at the University Hospital Hamburg. Whilst doing her residency focusing on oncology, she did her PhD. Besides working as a medical doctor and gaining an impression of how medicine is performed in various countries around the world, Dr. Henningsen developed an interest in gaining further insight in high end medical research. She therefore went to UCLA in Los Angeles for approximately two years, with the help of a stipend by the DGF.

Maike´s story is one of first getting deeply involved in the classical medical career but after some years of working experience, realising that her passion is to combine medical knowledge and new life science technologies as well digital solutions in order to innovate and improve the field of health care.


Currently, Maike works as a mentor for several startups whilst finishing her masters programme in Innovative Management and Entrepreneurship at the Technical University Berlin.

She also founded her own company in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Society and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in order to find new treatment opportunities for skin infections and multiresistant bacteria.


Last summer Maike had the honor of attending the ten week-long GSP programme at the Singularity University in Mountain View where she learned a lot about exponential medicine and the opportunities the digital transformation process will bring to this field.

In addition, Maike enjoys being a street art artist as well as being part of the vital startup scene in Berlin.

Aymen Meddeb

Jared Sebhatu
Programme Director German Accelerator Life Sciences, Germany

Jared Sebhatu is the Programme Director, Germany for the German Accelerator Life Sciences. He is responsible for engaging life science startups and young companies and liaising with strategic partners.


Having worked for numerous international companies, Jared is an expert in the German healthcare market and has extensive experience in the digital health and medical technology innovation process.

He is currently mentoring various startups in strategy, technology, and innovation management.

Aymen Meddeb

Simon Unterschütz is a manager at the German government’s development organisation GIZ in the department of private sector cooperation. He is working in a programme which mobilises companies to address development challenges of various countries through innovative and sustainable business models. Two of these challenges were addressing the healthcare sector in Kenya: one on the improvement of the supply chain for medicines and the other on the prevention of non-communicable diseases.


Besides his experience in the development sector, Simon is a trained business and IT professional who has been working in the private sector for several years. When being employed by DHL and later working for Ernst & Young, he was responsible for accompanying digital transformation processes throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Simon Unterschütz
Manager Private Sector Cooperation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)