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Keynote Speakers

Aymen Meddeb

Prof. Dr. Peeter Ross
e-Health Professor & Senior Researcher 

eMedicine Lab, Tallinn University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Peeter Ross serves as e-health professor and senior research scientist in eMedicine Lab of Tallinn University of Technology (TUT). He also holds a radiologist’s position in the East Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia. He is the founder and member of the board of e-health and radiology consulting company SMIS International OÜ. Dr. Ross has previously worked as a Director of R&D as well as the Head of the Diagnostic Clinic in East Tallinn Central Hospital. He has been a member of the supervisory board of the Estonian eHealth Foundation and Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Peeter Ross studied medicine in Tartu University, Estonia, and in Helsinki University, Finland 1985-91.  He has graduated from Tartu University (1991) as a medical doctor. Dr. Ross completed his residency in radiology in Tartu University in 1996. He studied radiology in Oulu University, Finland, and in Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington DC, USA, as well as health care management in INSEAD, France. Peeter completed his doctoral studies in Tallinn University of Technology in 2011. The topic of his thesis was data sharing and shared workflows in medical imaging.

Peeter Ross has participated actively in the designing and implementation of Estonian nation-wide Health Information System. He has also been involved in the following EU-funded eHealth projects: InterregPacs, Baltic eHealth, R-Bay, Dreaming, Regional Telemedicine Forum, epSOS, eMedic, SUSTAINS, Momentum and Mastermind. Peeter Ross is the former president of the Estonian Society of Radiology (2005-2011).

As the professor and senior research scientist in TUT, he is responsible for research of healthcare innovation and the use of digital applications in health domains. He has been one of the main designers of the masters´ and doctoral programme in healthcare technology and healthcare engineering.



Aymen Meddeb

Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Senior Advisor, Dept. of Information, Evidence & Research
 Health Systems & Innovation, World Health Organisation

Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy serves as a senior technical officer and the focal point for e-Health standardisation and interoperability efforts at the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland.


He has extensive experience in designing, implementing, coordinating, and managing national and sub-national e-Health systems and services, including health information systems, emergency operations centers, and public health surveillance information systems.

Dr. Krishnamurthy has also assisted numerous countries in all of the six WHO Regions in their development and implementation of national and sub-national eHealth strategies, standardisation and interoperability of e-Health systems and services, and utilisation of strategic information for evidence-based public health decision-making.


Previously, Dr. Krishnamurthy served as Senior Informatics Advisor at the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. He holds many prestigious honors and awards. He owns a PhD in Physical Anthropology from the University of Oregon, USA and a Master of Public Health with a major in Health Services Management from University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health. 

Aymen Meddeb

Jürgen Brandstätter
Managing Partner
CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH 

Jürgen Brandstätter is an expert on standardisation and a passionate proponent of "standards-based interoperability" in the field of Health IT.

He is active in several standardisation organisations at national and international level, in particular in the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Initiative.

During his speech at the YLH 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on E-Health, Mr. Brandstätter will be focusing on “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise – An open framework and methodology for achieving interoperable Health Information Exchange”.

He serves as a board member of IHE International, co-chair of the IHE Global Deployment Coordination Committee, co-chair of the IHE Pharmacy domain as well as founding board member of IHE- Austria.

During his professional life, Mr. Brandstätter contributed to the European epSOS project and is currently a consultant at the Austrian Health Record project in the field of the nation-wide harmonisation of Clinical Summary information as well as the Austrian e-Medication Interoperability Specification.

Internationally, he is involved in various interoperability-related projects, such as e-Health Switzerland the Saudi e-Health Exchange project.

In addition, Jürgen is the co-creator of the “Unified Patient” project at the Medical University of Vienna.

Mr. Brandstätter holds an MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.