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Milos Djurdjevic

Earlybird VC, HealthTech, Med Tech
Berlin, Germany

Milos Djurdjevic started his academic career as a medical student at the University of Heidelberg with the intention of either entering research or finding a specialisation suiting his interests. In the last nine years various developments then led to a business degree and a master in medical biotechnology, professional experiences in start-ups, strategy consulting and venture capital combined with working and living in various countries.
These steps led to the conclusion that in the area of healthcare, digitalization is one of the most scalable tools to offer better and more equitable care to patients. In the future digitalization will also be the main access point for prevention and health monitoring,
intervening at the earliest possible moment.

After completing a study for the lifescience venture capital fund of „Earlybird VC“ and
more than a year of consulting and fulltime employment for the digital health insurance ottonova AG, he is currently evaluating different topics and models, to create his very own project in the area of digital health.