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Maike Henningsen MD PhD

Senior Medical Advisor bei Natural Cycles

Berlin, Germany

I was on track to pursue a traditional career in medicine until I attended Singularity University in the Silicon Valley. Meeting entrepreneurs from around the globe that were on their journey to make the world a better place inspired me to change course.

I am now using my strong medical background as the foundation for my own startup and am using the expertise gained doing that to mentor other startups and organizations. 

I am convinced that using the ever-improving technologies will help improve medicine. Technology will affect all areas of medicine. It will us help us solve complex medical mysteries. The possibilities motivate and inspire me.


In summary I am an OBGYN, PhD and MD. I mentor start ups and companies around the globe as well as organizations  like "Falling Walls Foundation" or "Hans Weisser Stiftung". I have my own start up, "", creating solutions in the field of female medicine.

As I also belong to the faculty of University Hopital Hamburg, I am involved in the set up of one of the first "digital health" curriculum for medical doctors.

Its my goal to foster innovation in health care.