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Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth

Tackling Mental Health


August 6 - 9, 2020

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If you are passionate about empowering international students and young professionals from various academic backgrounds in order to tackle the world’s most pressing health challenges, the Organizing Committee of the Young Leaders for Health 2020 Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth is the place for you.

Following the success of the third edition, we are eager to begin organising the fourth edition with a focus on Mental Health.

Currently, we are a group of seven international students and young professionals from various academic backgrounds and looking to expand our team.


What is the YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth? 

The YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is an international competition that invites students and young professionals to develop eHealth tools that offer practical, innovative and sustainable solutions for public health problems. 

During the course of the four-day challenge, participants will be part of an interdisciplinary team, along with other students and young professionals from across the globe. With the help of designated mentors, participants will work on their project ideas to find sustainable solutions that can be implemented in the field of eHealth.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who share our vision. Some key attributes include someone with a high level of motivation and the ability to work collaboratively in a team. Knowledge and experience are not mandatory as long as you are passionate and willing to be proactive. We work in an international team where open and creative minds are the key. We operate with a flat hierarchy, which means that mutual respect and cooperation is mandatory.

General team meetings are held biweekly which requires commitment and availability. As the event draws near meetings will become more frequent. Tasks are distributed among the subgroups and are discussed in the next meetings.

At Young Leaders for Health we strongly value communication. Everyone is participating on a voluntary basis so must be self motivated. Reliability, open-mindedness, transparency, honesty and trust are needed for the success of the team and challenge.

We are looking for people who are competent in the following fields and interested in applying their skills within the organisation of the Young Leaders for Health Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth. Furthermore, it is essential that all members of the organising committee are present during the actual event (four days at the beginning of August 2020 in Berlin, Germany). Even though, the event will take place in Berlin, it is of no importance that all members of the organising committee are based in the same location as long as one does not have an issue working online and being present during the four-day event. 

I. Content Work & Research

Are you curious about research and interested in reading publications and news from around the globe? Can you creatively extract information and put it together in your own words? Then this is the team for you!!!

Research the topic of Mental Health and eHealth in order to provide scientific material to participants, mentors and keynote speakers.

Put together a content guide for our Social Entrepreneurship Challenge which provides background information on eHealth, Mental Health, existing projects, alliances etc.

Create new content for our blog to keep our network informed.

II. Logistics

Organize the social event, plan catering, prepare the printing of documents, press material, location scouting (has to be based in Berlin).

III. Fundraising & Partnerships

Search for new and creative funding opportunities, applying for grant proposals and/ or look for sponsorships to enable a better organisation of the event.

Confident communicator that is both proactive and persistent in obtaining partnerships

Look for partners which shall excel and enhance the YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth.

IV. Application Management

Prepare the call for applicants for participants and help promote the challenge, be proactive.

Set the database for organisation of application management.

Be a good communicator and respond to applicants’ queries and needs.


V. Graphic Designer

Create visual concepts to inspire and inform our network.

Use your creative touch  to help us spread the word about our work.

This can be your side project/ hobby and you can always be involved in more than one teams.


Are YOU interested in being part of the Organizing Committee of the YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth 2020?

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Application Deadline: 8th November 2019
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