Young Leaders for Health e.V.
non-profit organisation | gemeinnütziger Verein | Berlin, Germany
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Young Leaders for Health aims to hold an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of knowledge and the opportunity to network with people across the globe involved in Global Health.


Our greater objective is to encourage and foster potential leaders in Global Health on an interdisciplinary, intercultural and innovative basis.


We offer a participatory stage for the deployment of innovative projects addressing Global Health, which not only aim to strengthen the transfer of knowledge but also aim to generate solutions to diverse subject matters.


Accruing resolutions are then published. Sharing our thoughts with a broader audience, we hope to stimulate social change by providing thought-provoking impulse.


Our projects are:
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Intercultural
  • Amendable
  • Cooperative
  • Process-Oriented
  • Concrete


In order to realise our goals, we mean to draw from our humane, structural and financial resources. We intend to present ourselves as an open and unbiased association, which allows our members to actively be a part of. The advisory board plays a supporting role in coordinating the members.


Structurally, we offer a network that brings different disciplines and stakeholders together. By establishing an advisory board consisting of adept experts and academic institutions, we afford our members access to wide experiences and knowledge. In foresight, we aspire to financially be able to support other interesting projects.


Arising from this philosophy, our first project arose: the Young Leaders for Health Conference 2015. During this conference, we did not only hold a simulation of the World Health Assembly, but we also offered workshops held by various NGOs. By doing so, the participants got to know different international protagonists and their projects concerning Global Health. Thus, also learning the methods of political liaison.


Furthermore, we – as a young initiative, founded in 2015 - intend to evolve and constantly challenge ourselves. Young Leaders for Health shall also procure motivation as well as managerial and leadership skills. Inspiration and enthusiasm are the pillars of our functioning through which we want to stimulate and create new means for young people in Global Health.

Mission and Vision