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Showcasing young vaccine champions with Gavi

Photos from the 2015 WHS in Berlin

"Young Leaders in Global Health" at the 7th World Health Summit
15 October 2015


Kristof Decoster of the International Health Policies (IHP) network discusses the importance of young leaders in his summary of the "Developing Young Leaders in Global Health" workshop the WHS in Berlin.


Scroll down to the "Young Leaders in Global Health" section.

Video: Young Leaders for Health at the 7th World Health Summit
14 October 2015


Watch Aymen Meddeb of the YLH present at the Opening Ceremony of the 7th WHS in Berlin.


Skip to 1:42:54 to watch.

Photos from the 2015 YLH Conference in Berlin

GPPi leads workshop on humanitarian action at Young Leaders for Health Conference
27 August 2015

András Derzsi-Horváth and Rahel Dette from the Global Public Policy Institute led a a workshop on the evolution and current challenges of humanitarian action at the YLH conference.

Finding Common Ground for International Health Regulations and the Strongest Caipirinha in Berlin
30 September 2015


Katherine Dunlop and Simone Mohrs from the Swedish Network for International Health report on their experiences at the first YLH conference.

An Innovating Interdisciplinary Experience
30 March 2015


Check out why Sarah Lenczner calls the YLH conference a "Model United Conferences experience... in a whole new area" on the Global Studies Institute Blog.