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Partners 2017

Below you will find a list of everyone who contributed to the successful outcome of the
YLH 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on E-Health. 
This includes our keynote speakers, mentors, jury, funding and sponsorship partners as well as the organising committee. 

Keynote Speakers

Aymen Meddeb

Prof. Dr. Peeter Ross
e-Health Professor & Senior Researcher 

eMedicine Lab, Tallinn University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Peeter Ross serves as e-health professor and senior research scientist in eMedicine Lab of Tallinn University of Technology (TUT). He also holds a radiologist’s position in the East Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia. He is the founder and member of the board of e-health and radiology consulting company SMIS International OÜ. Dr. Ross has previously worked as a Director of R&D as well as the Head of the Diagnostic Clinic in East Tallinn Central Hospital. He has been a member of the supervisory board of the Estonian eHealth Foundation and Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Peeter Ross studied medicine in Tartu University, Estonia, and in Helsinki University, Finland 1985-91.  He has graduated from Tartu University (1991) as a medical doctor. Dr. Ross completed his residency in radiology in Tartu University in 1996. He studied radiology in Oulu University, Finland, and in Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington DC, USA, as well as health care management in INSEAD, France. Peeter completed his doctoral studies in Tallinn University of Technology in 2011. The topic of his thesis was data sharing and shared workflows in medical imaging.

Peeter Ross has participated actively in the designing and implementation of Estonian nation-wide Health Information System. He has also been involved in the following EU-funded eHealth projects: InterregPacs, Baltic eHealth, R-Bay, Dreaming, Regional Telemedicine Forum, epSOS, eMedic, SUSTAINS, Momentum and Mastermind. Peeter Ross is the former president of the Estonian Society of Radiology (2005-2011).

As the professor and senior research scientist in TUT, he is responsible for research of healthcare innovation and the use of digital applications in health domains. He has been one of the main designers of the masters´ and doctoral programme in healthcare technology and healthcare engineering.



Aymen Meddeb

Jürgen Brandstätter
Managing Partner
CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH 

Jürgen Brandstätter is an expert on standardisation and a passionate proponent of "standards-based interoperability" in the field of Health IT. He is active in several standardisation organisations at national and international level, in particular in the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Initiative.

During his speech at the YLH 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on E-Health, Mr. Brandstätter will be focusing on “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise – An open framework and methodology for achieving interoperable Health Information Exchange”.

He serves as a board member of IHE International, co-chair of the IHE Global Deployment Coordination Committee, co-chair of the IHE Pharmacy domain as well as founding board member of IHE- Austria.

During his professional life, Mr. Brandstätter contributed to the European epSOS project and is currently a consultant at the Austrian Health Record project in the field of the nation-wide harmonisation of Clinical Summary information as well as the Austrian e-Medication Interoperability Specification.

Internationally, he is involved in various interoperability-related projects, such as e-Health Switzerland the Saudi e-Health Exchange project. In addition, Jürgen is the co-creator of the “Unified Patient” project at the Medical University of Vienna.

Mr. Brandstätter holds an MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. 

Aymen Meddeb

Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Senior Advisor, Dept. of Information, Evidence & Research
 Health Systems & Innovation, World Health Organisation

Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy serves as a senior technical officer and the focal point for e-Health standardisation and interoperability efforts at the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland.


He has extensive experience in designing, implementing, coordinating, and managing national and sub-national e-Health systems and services, including health information systems, emergency operations centers, and public health surveillance information systems.

Dr. Krishnamurthy has also assisted numerous countries in all of the six WHO Regions in their development and implementation of national and sub-national eHealth strategies, standardisation and interoperability of e-Health systems and services, and utilisation of strategic information for evidence-based public health decision-making.


Previously, Dr. Krishnamurthy served as Senior Informatics Advisor at the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. He holds many prestigious honors and awards. He owns a PhD in Physical Anthropology from the University of Oregon, USA and a Master of Public Health with a major in Health Services Management from University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health. 


Aymen Meddeb

Piret Hirv

Advisor e-services development &  innovation policy 

Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia

Aymen Meddeb

Prof. Dr. Joerg Uwe Meyer
CEO & Founder

 MT2IT GmbH & Co. KG

Kristin Zacharias

Tariq Osman Andersen
Assistant Professor at
University of Copenhagen

Aymen Meddeb

Dr. Sylvia Thun
Professor at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

Kristin Zacharias

Andrea Burgio

CEO & Founder


Kristin Zacharias

Martina Merten

Healthcare Journalist

Kristin Zacharias

Dr. Nana Bit-Avragim

Head of Digital & Life Sciences  SigularityU Germany

Kristin Zacharias

Doina Schimpf

Project Manager

evaplan GmbH

Kristin Zacharias

Dr. Jesus del Valle
Head of Bayer Grants4Apps Accelerator


Aymen Meddeb

Dr. Maike Henningsen 
Founder p4medical & Medical Doctor

Maike Henningsen (MD, PhD) is a medical doctor with over a decade of practical experience in the field. Maike specialised in gynecology and obstetrics at the University Hospital Hamburg. Whilst doing her residency focusing on oncology, she did her PhD. Besides working as a medical doctor and gaining an impression of how medicine is performed in various countries around the world, Dr. Henningsen developed an interest in gaining further insight in high end medical research. She therefore went to UCLA in Los Angeles for approximately two years, with the help of a stipend by the DGF.

Maike´s story is one of first getting deeply involved in the classical medical career but after some years of working experience, realising that her passion is to combine medical knowledge and new life science technologies as well digital solutions in order to innovate and improve the field of health care.


Currently, Maike works as a mentor for several startups whilst finishing her masters programme in Innovative Management and Entrepreneurship at the Technical University Berlin.

She also founded her own company in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Society and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in order to find new treatment opportunities for skin infections and multiresistant bacteria.


Last summer Maike had the honor of attending the ten week-long GSP programme at the Singularity University in Mountain View where she learned a lot about exponential medicine and the opportunities the digital transformation process will bring to this field.

In addition, Maike enjoys being a street art artist as well as being part of the vital startup scene in Berlin.

Aymen Meddeb

Jared Sebhatu
Programme Director German Accelerator Life Sciences, Germany

Jared Sebhatu is the Programme Director, Germany for the German Accelerator Life Sciences. He is responsible for engaging life science startups and young companies and liaising with strategic partners.


Having worked for numerous international companies, Jared is an expert in the German healthcare market and has extensive experience in the digital health and medical technology innovation process.

He is currently mentoring various startups in strategy, technology, and innovation management.

Aymen Meddeb

Simon Unterschütz
Manager Private Sector Cooperation
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)


Simon Unterschütz is a manager at the German government’s development organisation GIZ in the department of private sector cooperation. He is working in a programme which mobilises companies to address development challenges of various countries through innovative and sustainable business models. Two of these challenges were addressing the healthcare sector in Kenya: one on the improvement of the supply chain for medicines and the other on the prevention of non-communicable diseases.


Besides his experience in the development sector, Simon is a trained business and IT professional who has been working in the private sector for several years. When being employed by DHL and later working for Ernst & Young, he was responsible for accompanying digital transformation processes throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

With the friendly support by 

Organising Committee 

Elisabeth Schulte

Anna Maria Georgeson

Global Health with Conflict & Security

Janna Post

Stella Duwendag
Public Health 

Tanya Herfurth
Political Science

Elisabeth Schulte

Marine Guézennec

International Healthcare Management

Elisabeth Schulte

Anjuli Krause

Health Education & Promotion

Julius Murke

Daniel Nomah

Valentina Neumair


About Us

Martin Blohmer

Even though I just started my medical studies, I am aware that medicine cannot be approached from one single area of expertise. Instead, members of many disciplines have to work together in order to make health care as good as possible. To facilitate this teamwork, I joined the organising committee of the 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on E-Health. E-Health is a rapidly evolving field that has the power to transform the lives of everyone involved in the health sector, from patients over doctors to engineers. This is why I will support all participants in their quest to make their project reach this goal.

           Stella Duwendag
During several international experiences I got to understand the strong influence that health has on people’s lives and therefore chose to study Public Health. Within my studies, I learned about the variety of influences on health, from the biological to social, cultural, political and economic factors. Due to these various determinants, Global Health can only be improved through the cooperation of people from all kinds of disciplines. I am convinced that there are numerous fantastic ideas around the world that have the potential to improve the world population’s health, but have not been put into reality yet. Therefore, I am grateful to be a part of the organising committee of the YLH 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on E-Health that gives young people the opportunity to share their ideas with peers, receive support from experts and to actually realise them.

           Marine Guézennec
I come from Brittany, the beautiful West Coast of France. After several international experiences in the healthcare sector (Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain), including a recent collaboration with the World Health Organisation, I'm currently living in Toronto, Canada and enjoy working in the changing Ontarian health system. I own an MSc in Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management from Maastricht University (NL), a MPH and a master in Management Sciences from diverse universities in France. I find YLH very appealing due to their interdisciplinary vision and the fact that they provide young people with a place to think and act. I’m very excited about working on the 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge and look forward to seeing your brains – and ours – burning and enjoying our experts.

Anna Maria Georgeson

Gained an MSc in Global Health with Conflict & Security at King's College London and recently joined Cochrane Response as an Assistant Editor. The current climate presents humanity with many challenges, which often affects the poorest and marginalised populations, the most. Thus, we must contend with the structures that create and maintain poverty, structural inequalities that cause people to experience ill health. I therefore consider it crucial for people from all disciplines to work together, thinking locally and globally, for solutions towards a more tolerant, and less harmful environment. Moreover, I truly believe that everyone has a right to health and we each have a responsibility to protect that right.

Tanya Herfurth

Being a founding board member of Young Leaders for Health I wanted to expand our non-profit's undertakings by starting the YLH 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. I believe that the biggest flaw in the current functioning of public and global health is the lack of interdisciplinary workings. Hence, this is how the concept of this endeavour came about. However, without my excellent team, it simply would have remained a concept. Together, we have created the YLH 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on E-Health, focussing on Interoperability.

Together, we want to empower students and young professionals by giving them the platform and the means to launch a sustainable project in the realm of E-Health systems.

I myself am a former medical student currently studying political science, specialising on international political economy.


               Anjuli Krause
Within the course of my studies I had the chance to gain important knowledge as well as professional experience in the health care sector in Germany and worldwide. I believe that communication and openness towards new ideas is the key when making innovative projects a success, not only in global health. Seeing that patient’s care is not as high of quality as it could be due to the lack of patient information, makes me want to make a difference by help making important information available for the patient anytime and anywhere. I believe that a more patient-centred approach is vital when talking about improving health care. That is why I am especially passionate about interoperability in e-health; because only within the frame of cross-sectoral cooperation will it be possible to give patients access to their health information.

Daniel Nomah

Growing up in Koforidua, Ghana and volunteering with “Doctors Act” since 2012 made me passionate about Global Health. Through these experiences coupled with my medical studies in Russia, I came to understand that good health policies coordinated with a strong public health system could produce optimal results in healthcare delivery. I became interested in Young Leaders for Health because of their objective of encouraging and fostering potential leaders in Global Health on an interdisciplinary, intercultural and innovative basis. It has been great preparation ground for me as I look forward to doing more in these areas upon completion of medical school in few months. I'm particularly excited about the 24 hrs Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on E-Health because I believe that E-Health can address the major demands of the fast developing health industry.


          Valentina Neumair
I am an ethnology and political science student, and my current residence of choice is Berlin. Through my studies I have come to learn how important it is for everybody to have access to medical institutions of all kind in order to support their individual wellbeing. Living in Berlin, a truly vibrant and multicultural city, I want to take the opportunity and use my knowledge and efforts to support valuable projects and ideas. I see the Young Leaders for Health as a highly dedicated and passionate corporation and I am more than happy to be a part of it.