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Young Leaders for Health is a non-profit organization consisting of an international and multidisciplinary team wishing to nurture the next generation of leaders in public and global health.


We provide an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange and generation of knowledge, the development of innovative, sustainable and equitable projects in the field of global health, with a focus on health systems. In addition, we facilitate networking opportunities with people from around the world who are motivated to bring about positive changes in public and global health.

Young Leaders for Health’s activities comprise of four pillars:

Education, Innovation, Diplomacy and Advocacy.


We have two main initiatives: our innovative YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth, which previously tackled themes, such as Interoperability, Non-Communicable Diseases, Urban Population Health and Air Quality; and our unique YLH Conference, which focuses on addressing the challenges we continue to face with regards to the Global Health Workforce, the Agenda 2030's Sustainable Development Goals as well as Disaster and Risk Management. 
Furthermore, we frequently provide keynote speeches, partake in panel discussions and provide interactive workshops. Past engagements include speaking at the first WHO Symposium on the Digitalization of Health Systems in the European Region, the G7 Working Group of Health Experts Meeting 2019, the XPOMET Medicinale as well as the World Health Summit.

Mission & Vision

Young Leaders for Health, a non-profit organization founded in Berlin, Germany, aims to nurture the next generation of leaders in public and global health.
Our vision is that of a healthy, inclusive, equitable and accountable society - free of structural discrimination - that peacefully coexists with nature.    
To us, it is vital that power is shared and respective contributions are valued. Thus, young people’s perspectives and skills too must be integrated into both the strategic design and delivery of health and related programs and policies, particularly when they affect young people’s lives and communities.


Good health and well-being is a human right, a political choice and an investment.

Young Leaders for Health defines leadership as follows:
Leadership is an action, coupled with a distinct mindset, not a position.
Leadership is about social influence, it is about driving change. Change which shall benefit the public.
Leadership at Young Leaders for Health includes listening and mutual empowerment. 


Furthermore, we believe that it is vital to engage young people throughout the design and delivery of global public goods, particularly on issues that affect their right to good health and well-being. Hence, Young Leaders for Health continues to work on establishing innovative partnerships and its innovation-driven platform so that young people can share their experiences and ideas to monitor and drive change on the Sustainable Development Goals pertaining to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage. 

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We are currently in the midst of planning some exciting new initiatives, but openly welcome new ideas and partnerships.
Please contact us if you too are interested in working together in order to achieve Universal Health Coverage.

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Young Leadership in Global Health
Challenges in Global Healh


The YLH Conference brings together students and young professionals from around the globe to explore complex and topical challenges in global health. It is a multidisciplinary idea-exchange that takes place in Berlin, Germany biannually. With each new edition the theme of the YLH Conference changes in order to tackle the most pressing global health challenges.
The YLH Conference offers a multitude of experiences and opportunities to its participants. It features a World Health Assembly Simulation, Design Thinking Labs, Systems Thinking Labs, Workshops, and numerous Keynote Lectures from experts and practitioners in the field of global health. 

For more information on previous editions of the YLH Conference, please follow the links below.

Health Workforce

Health in the Sustainable      Development Goals

Disaster and Risk Management

YLH Conference
Previous Editions

The YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is an initiative of YLH best summarized under the pillars of education and innovation. It is an international competition that invites students and young professionals from various disciplines to develop eHealth tools that offer practical, innovative and sustainable solutions for public health problems. 

The YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth takes place each year in Berlin, always with the focus on eHealth. With each edition the thematic approach changes in order to tackle relevant pressing global health challenges. During the course of the four-day challenge, participants are part of an interdisciplinary team, along with other students and young professionals from across the globe. The unique program affords participants the opportunity to partake in interactive keynote speeches and workshops  by leading global health practitioners where they strengthen their understanding of the depth and complexity of the theme currently being tackled. Furthermore, with the help of designated mentors, participants work on their project ideas to find concrete, sustainable solutions that can be implemented in the field of eHealth.

Our past editions focused on:

  •   Interoperability - bridging Health Care, Social Care and Self Care (2017) 

  •   Non Communicable Diseases and Urban Populations (2018) 

  •   Non Communicable Diseases and Air Quality (2019)

eHealth Challenge


Meet the team
Previous Editions

For more information on the previous editions of the YLH Social Entrepreneurship Challenge on eHealth, please follow the links below.

NCDs & Air Quality

NCDs & Urban Populations


Report 2019

Content Guide 2019

Report 2018

Content Guide 2018

Report 2017

Content Guide 2017


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News Announcements

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